Our Motto
We believe in dreams, in passion & vision
In things that inspire, that bring happiness & lets us progress together.
We believe that everyone can achieve greatness with dedication & perseverance.We seek to create works, that are pure works of art.
And if something doesn’t work the way we expect, we review and refine it’s every little detail until it reaches perfection & beauty that goes beyond the minds of the people we serve.
And we believe, that those who see the world in their own way, are the real future.

Xeneuxe is a corporation registered in 2011

Xeneuxe Departamento Estado


App Development

We are proud Hootsuite App Developer. Our app is called HootBulk.

HB App Directory Screenshot

Web Development and Online Marketing

We create a beautifully crafted website for your business and advise you on how to successfully market it to your potential clients. HootSuite is one of our specialities. We are HootSuite Solution Partners, HootSuite Certified Professionals, HootSuite Integration Partners (check out our HootBulk App here) and Hootsuite Ambassadors for Puerto Rico.


We are Speakers


On December 6, 2013 we offered a workshop at the Inter American University, Bayamón Campus, Puerto Rico titled “The Benefits of E-Commerce and Social Media for Small Business”.


November 17, 2014 – Social media marketing workshop given on Toa Baja, Puerto Rico targeted at small business owners. This event was a HootUp, an event local meetups organized by Hootsuite Ambassadors.

Video Production and Graphic Designs

At Xeneuxe we emphasize making your graphic designs into an attractive and appealing piece of art and go a step further with your business videos by carefully crafting them into an exciting motion picture.


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